Getting started with Rust


On MacOS or Linux, run this command in the terminal (then follow the instructions):

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Get the current Rust & Cargo versions:

rustc --version
cargo --version

Update Rust:

rustup update

Cargo utils:

# create new project
cargo init

# compile & execute
cargo run

# build project
cargo build

# test project
cargo test

# build documentation
cargo doc

# add crate
cargo add <name>


You can also install the Rust VSCode extension from here

First Project

With Cargo

Create a new folder then init a rust project with cargo init. This command will create Cargo.toml & src/ with a Hello World example. Run the project with cargo run.

mkdir new-project

cd new-project

cargo init

cargo run

Without Cargo

Create a file named with:

fn main() {
  let hello = "Hello World";
  println!("{}", hello)

Compile it with rustc then run it with ./target/debug/main (.\target\debug\hello.exe on Windows)